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Club Consciousness


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To mark the launch of our new project and site we have collaborated with good friend and longtime collaborator @oscartorrans on 3 concept tees on the themes of "Club Consciousness", "Post-Club Realities" and "Irish Dancing".

"Club Consciousness" reflects the current irony of the peaking interest, nostalgia & commodification of Club Culture, concurrent with the shrinking opportunities for traditional club spaces and IRL club experiences. Get conscious, Get loud, Get creative, Get supportive!

Oscar Torrans is an Irish graphic designer based in London who's work has long been centred around Club Culture - evolving from posters and flyers for DIY clubnights in Dublin - to logos, album artwork and tour graphics for clients like Disclosure, The Warehouse Project and The Black Madonna; as well as being one half of the art/club project 'Pussyz'.

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